Emperor Cinema, Chengdu






Shinkong Place, Chengdu

6,500 m2

2016 - 2017
Design Completed

Emperor Cinema

Lip Chiong for Aiuto

This Cinema has a unique double-volume glass lobby hall with great views to the City, a Roof Garden, and large wall spaces.

What if, like the popular culture landmark Times Square, this space becomes an energetic DESTINATION for movie lovers populated with a myriad of moving images, sounds, and people to celebrate movie culture?

The frame around each screen on the media wall is expressed as a telescopic time portal into a different world, just like the framing of a movie camera lens. This stepped framing adds another level of dynamic architectural detail to the space.

The same language extends into the ceiling as multiple portals of vertical fins that filter daylight throughout the day with dynamic effects that changes the mood of this space.

The corridor to movie halls is designed as a soothing preparatory preamble where stepped framing is used for posters and entrance doorways. The movie halls extends the same concept as a backdrop to complete the wholistic cinematic experience.

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