“Forest Clouds” Resort , Wuzhizhou, Sanya, China



450 - 650 m2

2013 - 2014
Concept - Schematic

Can architecture be a soft and gentle mediator between man and nature, like a cloud that adapts easily to different environments?

“Forest Clouds” is a collection of organically shaped bungalows designed to best integrate with the undulating terrain, each with a unique narrative about its natural surroundings.

The architecture’s curvilinear silhouette, infinity pool, decks and roof eaves blend naturally with the hilly forest whilst framing spectacular views to the sea. In contrast, the rooms are orthogonal and easy to use, a combination that results in rich and varied spatial conditions between indoors and outdoors.

The central communal living space allows the forest, wind, rain and other elements of nature to pass, whilst guest rooms on either side engages the surroundings with privacy, promoting interactions between the inhabitants and with nature.

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