“Forest Pavilions” Resort , Wuzhizhou, Sanya, China



350 - 600 m2

2013 - 2014
Concept - Schematic

This resort bungalow type is an arrangement of pitched roofed buildings over enclosed rooms and open spaces linked by covered paths and positioned to hug the contours of the site.

The private guest rooms and other functional spaces surround a double-volume communal living area where wind and nature can pass through. Parts of the roof extend to cover part of nature or vice versa, blurring the perception of inside and outside.

Underneath these compositions of pitched roof forms that provide shade from the tropical sun and shelter from torrential rainfall, “Forest Pavilions” are about how walls choreograph inside and outside spaces by sliding past each other and extending into the landscape.

“Where does the forest (garden) end and where does the building (house) begin? Where the forest (garden) begins and the building (house) ends…”

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