Shanghai General Motors + Buick + Chevrolet Gallery





2,500 m2

2016 -2017

Shanghai General Motors

Shanghai Tongjian Construction

The design approach for each of the galleries comes from the distilling a visual language and style of expression based on each brand’s corporate culture.

Shanghai General Motors Gallery – Due to the brand not focused on any recognizable visual style but on segments of capability, the gallery is designed as content-related shaped spaces that aims to build a heightened memory retention map in the visitor.


Buick Gallery – Derived from Buick’s fluid design style used in their high-end series, a free-form ribbon is designed to flow throughout the gallery telling the story from the past to its future.


Chevrolet Gallery – Based on the motto ”Find New Roads” and the adventure spirit of its young target customer profile, the gallery is designed as a dynamic and exploratory experience through free-standing mirrored walls that interactively transforms into screens.

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