Nanosphere Office HQ1, Henan, China



5,000 m2

Concept Design

“What kind of work environment enhances a sense of collective belonging whilst providing the privacy and autonomy that individual groups need?”

Instead of designing a large floor plate with repetitive cells or uniform open plan seating, we arranged floor plates sized for working groups so that everyone is surrounded by shared spaces and scenery.

By clustering separate functional entities around a shared double volume hall, individual groups can maintain their focus areas and still feel the presence of a larger whole. This central communal space serves as a multipurpose hall, and can be used as a corporate exhibition space, a closable auditorium, and for informal interactions.


The resulting architecture is an aggregation of smaller blocks that speaks of the parts of the company as well as the greater whole that integrates sensitively with the environment with interspersed pockets of surrounding green.


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