Nanosphere Office HQ2, Henan, China



5,000 m2

Concept Design

“How to organize a number of unrelated functions within a building in a way that enhances the corporate identity?”

Our proposal is to take the corporate exhibition which is typically a closed room, and make it a communal connecting space that strings all other functions together, looping around a garden that every part of the company shares a view to. These functions are expressed as a series of circular spaces in a closed loop alluding to our client’s company who produces expandable microspheres for industrial use.

The ideal is a polycentric organization with a shared open core, connected by a large corporate exhibition loop that slopes gently from ground level past the auditorium, lab and dormitory before culminating at the second level office.

By undulating the terrain, the landscape is allowed to slide under the architecture that encircles a central communal garden. The corporate exhibition loop spans across the separate buildings as a bridge, with half its envelope opaque and half transparent, creating a rhythm of light and shade, inside view and outside view.


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