“Stages for Life” Resort, Wuzhizhou, Sanya, China



350 - 600 m2

2013 - 2014
Concept - Schematic

Can architecture and nature permeate each other? Enjoy superior views from a hillside yet be unobtrusive? Change our appreciation of nature?

In order to create a sensitive architecture of stealth, we conceived each resort bungalow as a series of stepped and overlapping platforms that are cantilevered from the sloping terrain.

Likened to water trickling down a slope, we found a succession of stepped positions where platforms can be inserted. Each of these platforms are designed to be either a communally shared room or a private room, minimizing sizes of each platform in order to reduce soil excavation. Some of these platforms are sheltered by platforms overhead, others are open to the sky, sun and rain.

These configurations of smaller structures interspersed with pockets of nature is more sympathetic in scale and proportion to preservation of existing trees. Nature becomes a part of living space, a living room where the cover is the forest.

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