Studio Twist Office







100 m2


Herman Miller Liveable Office Awards Shortlist

How to break through conventional office layout to design a creative and free-spirited space that inspires design thinking, collaboration and co-working?


We designed this space for ourselves. Everyone was involved in the process, from pitching initial ideas, to conversations about who sits where, to debates about aesthetic expression. After planning spatial relationships between team members and activity areas, a circulatory plan emerges around workspaces that gently guides behavior for the delivery courier, the supplier guest, the client visitor and our designer.

On the other hand, we started from the smallest storage function required by each workstation, for example a drawer box or a file niche, and devised a modular assembly of parts that results in a uniquely diversified “office furniture cityscape”, all built out of plywood with cherry veneer expressing a linear grain. The components are configurable in a few different ways so that the resulting office is non-repetitive and interesting. Green plants are installed within the assembly, and can be moved around over the seasons by team members.

We are now immersed in our own sculptural “cityscape”, surrounded by our own things, our work, our co-workers and our plants that grow across boundaries, giving us a sense of nature and green air whilst we look out to the often smoggy Shanghai city views. We feel part of a special design team, physically reminded by our own office space, that conventions can be questioned to discover new, inspiring and meaningful answers about how we can live, work and play.

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